One House

Brand Identity

This is part of a wider project by Max Quinn @ Eastward Bound.

One House offers one home to empower artists and creatives as founders of an independent future. This dynamic business aims to revolutionise the creative industries by empowering artists and creatives to control their destinies. They recognise that the traditional creative industry often treats artists as mere products, and they want to change that by helping creators achieve cultural success on their own terms.

"Bydesign is our go-to creative partner for brand-related projects. They offer a wealth of executive-level experience across product, brand strategy and visual execution."

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Max Quinn, Founder @ Eastward Bound

Crafting a compelling identity system is akin to sculpting a brand's distinct personality and values into a visual language that resonates with its audience. Just as One House seeks to empower artists and creatives, the development of their identity system was a purpose-driven endeavor aimed at fostering a unique and lasting connection with their target community.

In a world where creative landscapes are in constant flux, the significance of an adaptable and relevant identity cannot be overstated. By engaging in a collaborative process with Eastward Bound and Bydesign, One House embarked on a journey to translate its core essence into a refreshed visual narrative. This narrative serves as a beacon, guiding artists and entrepreneurs alike, while also capturing the attention of brands that share a similar vision.

At the heart of this identity lies a strategic brand architecture that seamlessly weaves together different offerings under the One House umbrella. The creation of distinctive wordmarks and a harmonious color palette serves as a compass for navigating the diverse landscape of creative pursuits. This deliberate differentiation between the brandmarks and the full lockup is a testament to the intricacy of introducing the brand to varying audiences. The Sub-Logos act as a succinct symbol for those well-acquainted, while the full lockup introduces the brand's facets to new explorers.

The true value of such an identity system goes beyond aesthetics. It communicates a commitment to creativity and entrepreneurship, aligning with One House's mission to empower artists. It's a compass that helps people find their way in a crowded creative world, drawing creators and collaborators closer to a shared sense of purpose. This identity system is a living entity, capable of evolution and growth, much like the artists it champions.

In essence, the development of One House's identity system exemplifies a symbiotic relationship between purpose, visual representation, and audience connection. It's an embodiment of the brand's ethos, fostering a sense of belonging for artists and creatives, and paving the way for a future where creativity thrives independently.