7th Minute

Positioning Strategy + Communication Design + Brand Identity

7th Minute is a data business obsessed with extracting value from TV content. This industry-leading NLP technology aims to improve the relevancy of TV advertising for all, with a SaaS platform enabling big and small brands to search, analyse and uncover the full context behind every spoken word on TV.

"Bydesign has become an integral partner for our business, helping to bring ideas to life with a rare and unique blend of creativity, strategic thinking and product expertise".

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Ed French, CEO @ 7th Minute

Post restructuring of the business, the 7th Minute team engaged Bydesign to help realise their ideas of revolutionising the existing technology into a new and unique proposition. Key initiatives included product and creative strategy, product design, brand identity and assisting the leadership team with their corporate positioning and fundraising narrative.

Following the successful development of a new proposition, we were re-engaged to deliver the user-centred redesign and relaunch of 7M Discovery platform. The initiative required extensive user testing and a heuristic evaluation of the experience to identify critical issues and priority areas for improvement.

Working in an embedded and integrated fashion, our customer-centric approach to experience design enabled us to set aside any prior assumptions and develop a new understanding of the critical problems that needed to be overcome. This allowed Bydesign & 7M teams to create new solutions that align directly with their customer's needs.

7M had the early workings of a brand identity when we first engaged. Still, it needed to evolve to better reflect the new positioning and align with the characteristics of 7M's ideal customer profile. Our approach was to elevate the brand by adopting playful, illustrative artwork to depict the untapped value of TV content and create some visual differentiation in an otherwise crowded space.

Following a complete website redesign and branding refresh, 7M sought a promotional product video that could stand up alongside its fun and distinctive new identity. We collaborated on a narrative to inform and educate viewers of the proposition and brought it to life with bold and lively animations.