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Welcome to our "Coming Soon" Project Summaries, your exclusive sneak peek into our current works in progress. We're talking about the most exciting projects, ranging from groundbreaking tech marvels to captivating creative wonders. Stay tuned, and be sure to keep an eye out for a sneaky glimpse of what's right around the corner!

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By building the tools and technology to transform clinical cultures for the better, Dosium is the only BNF-integrated clinical decision support system that aims to advance patient safety with the right prescription. First time.

Snowfox Discovery

Snowfox Discovery leads the charge in natural hydrogen exploration, pushing the boundaries of this emerging frontier. This unrivalled offering seamlessly integrates cutting-edge scientific understanding of natural hydrogen systems with decades of unparalleled exploration expertise.


Homey offers a modern approach to real estate operations by addressing the chaotic communication landscape pervasive in the industry. With a focus on streamlining communication and collaboration, Homey's disruptive approach challenges conventional methods, setting a new benchmark for transparency and efficiency in the field.

Skin In The Game

Skin In The Game is an FCA-regulated syndicate that invests exclusively in sports & human performance. As the most influential group in sports investing - Skin in the Game brings together a squad of professional athletes, exited founders, sports investment heavyweights, & financial institutions to de-risk startup investments.


Accurx is a pioneering force in healthcare communication. Drawing insights from medical experts, tech visionaries, and healthcare institutions, Accurx facilitates seamless collaboration in an ever-evolving healthcare system. By harnessing technological innovation, Accurx is establishing a fresh standard for communication and care coordination.

Contxt Media

Contxt Media is a data business for quality-focused broadcasters, VOD and streaming professionals, Contxt Media delivers full clarity of video-level contextual data by offering a unique understanding of every TV advertising opportunity with language based insights and brand-suitable targeting segments.