Positioning Strategy + Brand Identity

This is part of a wider project by Max Quinn @ Eastward Bound.

RWL has been the UK's leading fitness and wellness brand since 2013. They focus on helping busy women (predominantly mums) achieve their fitness, nutrition and mental wellbeing goals by providing personalised programs, expert guidance and the knowledge they need to live the lifestyle they deserve.

"Bydesign is our go-to creative partner for brand-related projects. They offer a wealth of executive-level experience across product, brand strategy and visual execution. "

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Max Quinn, Founder @ Eastward Bound

During a series of workshops, we guided the RWL leadership team through a unique positioning framework that enables brands to transform how they talk about who they are, what they do and the exceptional value they bring to their customers. The process uses age-old storytelling techniques to curate a clear, compelling and differentiated narrative.

The output delivers simple, effective, structured messaging that empowers stakeholders with the confidence to consistently and efficiently distribute brand communication across multiple touchpoints and channels.

The visual identity naturally builds from the creative strategy and compliments the need for clarity throughout the RWL experience. A reimagined letter mark sits at the heart of the rebrand and embodies the desired characteristics of RWL customers... confidence, energy and a forward-thinking mindset.

A mixed ground of pastels counterbalances the bold letter mark with softness, clarity and mindfulness - a critical contrast that persists throughout the journey and within the brand's inclusive community.

Creative decisions are eased, and consistency is guaranteed, with extensive guidelines and clear art direction to inspire RWL's growing community of brand stakeholders.